Saturday, December 5th, 2020, an international webinar on religion in or after the quarantine was held by Journal Arumbae via the zoom meeting room. That is a journal of theological and interreligious studies belongs to the Graduate Program of UKIM. The webinar aims to trace a broader collaboration, to share knowledge, idea, experience, and hope on the future of religion in and after the pandemic. The speakers who shared the exciting presentations were coming from there different countries with various qualifications. First, Izak Y.M. Lattu, Ph.D, is a lecturer in Satyawacana Christian University, University of Indonesia, and Consortium for Religious and Cultural Studies. Second,  Kirsty Borthwick is a Ph.D. student in Cambridge University, UK. She will finish her study on the next month in Educational Theology. Third, Jip Lensink is Ph.D.  student in Utrecht University, Netherland. She ever researched contextual theology and lived religion in Maluku. Fourth, Onike Harefa is Th.D student at Jakarta Theological Seminary, and a reverend in BNKP church. Fifth,  Yohanes Parihala, leacturer at Faculty of Theology of UKIM, and as a chief in editor of Jurnal Arumbae. The speakers talked about some topics, such as the deconstruction of Sacred Space in Online Ritual, Lived Theology, Aesthetic Mission, Feed the people and religious collaborative, and making space for the other. Many particpants from various countries followed the webinar, such as Theodore Mavridou from Greece, Alexander from Germany, Karen Quan from Chine, Calvin Kores from Thailand, Mariska van Assen from the Netherland, Jane Ztrans from France, and a lot of participants from Indonesia.

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